Who is Peter Stuivenberg?

I’m named Peter Stuivenberg, after my father. He had some fancy ideas. For instance, don’t marry but be sometimes happy with a woman and if you don’t succeed in the Netherlands you will not succeed anywhere. I believe I succeeded. I build a 49-ft yacht at the Shipyard of Leo Boer in Sliedrecht and sailed around the world before I was 40, because I thought I would die at the age of 37 to 39. I shipwrecked, was rescued, returned, build another yacht, filmed man-eating tigers in India, went on horseback through the Andes Mountains and felt in love with my long-time partner MK. We organized expeditions through the Sahara Desert, Amazon Jungle, Titicaca, the forbidden forests of Manu in Peru, sailed oceans, lived in Suriname, Caribbean, Azores, Brazil and South Africa and I also lived and worked in Nigeria. And I wrote books about Adventure, True Crime, Criminals and Criminal organizations, the New World Order and Europe and Migration. And I am working on a new title: The Incompetent Alarming Phantoms in Babel or IncalphaBabel.
It is a great book that tells you how a world power wishes to take control of our beautiful world. It will be published soon, watch this place.

Many people asked, ‘Why don’t you be more moderate, so that you will be liked or loved?’
The answer is: I don’t care. When I was shipwrecked, I died. I felt like dying. And you never can die twice. So, if you don’t like or love me, fine. If you wish to shame me, fine as well.

As long as I live, I will fight totalitarian states like the Project European Union, supremacy, arrogancy, fraud, suppression and fascism. I will fight till death for freedom of speech and mind. For a world in which every soul can be free! And I will fight for sustainability, for thorium as an energy source, for breaking the backbone of climate activists who promote the European Green Deal, and for an all-inclusive world where challenges need to be pragmatic addressed.

Stay with me, let us share our values and fight for freedom, and live another day.

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