Coronavirus and Dreadful Fake News

Revelations of a Fictional Chinese Intelligence Officer

Conspiracy theories spread across the internet since the COVID-19 was sweeping through the city of Wuhan, China. To name a few. It is a setup to kill older persons; they cost the respective states too much money. The World Government takes over; the elite is hiding in one of the 247 underground bunkers, decorated as five-star hotels. Angela Merkel is spotted in Las Vegas, where she went underground with 5,000 other bobos. Rabbi Kaduri warns for the end of times because Venus is slowly moving towards the Pleiades. Bill Gates created the pandemic to sell vaccines.The Chinese released COVID-19 to establish a communist totalitarian state. Or the European Union did it to establish a totalitarian fascist state. Or the United States Democrats asked the CIA to release the virus to cause chaos and an economic melt down. Some say the deadly virus was brought to Earth by a meteorite or by aliens. And the 16th-century Nostradamus predicted the coronavirus epidemic when he warned of a great plague.

Number 1 Fake Story: Revelations of a Chinese Intelligence Officer

Once upon a time a Dutch person became fascinated by crop circles. According to the research the circles appear where an ‘energy implant’ is left. They are associated with strange balls of light, which are connected to alien intelligence and UFOs. Now that person is the ‘I know it all guru,’ who explains into detail the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the video to enlighten your mind. Unfortunately, in Dutch, but I provide a brief translation.

At timeline 12.33 a Chinese Intelligence Officer is introduced. He says there is a bio weapon that cased the death of millions of people. The bio weapon has been engineered to control the citizens in Hong Kong who protest against becoming a part of China.

Unhappy with the massive protests, the Chinese government decided to make a biological agent that could make protesters more docile. The first trials done the by Wuhan Institute of Virology were positive, but soon there were psychoses and fears, followed by dying organs.
China decided that the program was too dangerous – ‘we wanted the population of Hong Kong to submit to us; we did not want to exterminate it’ – and stopped using the bio weapon.

The United States realized the power of this weapon and wanted to have it. A deal was set up to acquire the bio weapon at the Yuhanan wet market, close to Wuhan city. However, before the exchange could take place a group of Chinese agents rushed in to stop the deal. This resulted in a shootout, which led the bio weapon to be accidentally released.

China closed Wuhan and later the country. The hospital in Wuhan created 3 different facilities. Facility 1 where we can find those who are hallucinating. Facility 2 those who are troubled by psychoses and facility 3 those who are dying. Millions of bodies were burned in ovens. Millions!!

Fact Check

When misinformation obscures the truth and readers don’t know what to trust, fact checking and investigative reporting lights the way to evidence-based and contextualized analysis.

Snopes verdict:
One of the most prominent (and unfounded) theories alleged is that the coronavirus was created in a government lab as a bio weapon and then released on the people of China. There is no evidence to support this claim.
The entire story is a fantastical bit of fiction fit for a spy novel or a horror movie. The story was originally published on NoSleep, a section of Reddit dedicated to scary fiction stories. It did contain a link back to the original author. However, this link may have been hard for some readers to find as it was written in Chinese. Posts on r/NoSleep are designed to be realistic horror stories and the commentators often treat them as if they were real.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the rumor from spreading. In February 2020 the website ‘The UFO Spotlight On’ published an article revealing the ‘truth’ about the disease [Editor: which is copied by the Dutch crop circle specialist.

Nosleep may create an immersive horror environment for fans of the genre, but it can also lead to confusion for anyone unfamiliar with their posts. And when one of these stories escapes the confines of its original platform, readers may mistakenly believe that they are reading a genuine report about a real-world incident.

We’ve previously been asked to debunk NoSleep stories about a town in Kansas that disappeared in the 1950s and zombie ants that infiltrated a package of tampons.

Till so far Snopes. The verdict is harsh. The ‘investigative crop specialist’ blindly copied and pasted pure fiction and published this nonsense as hard-core breaking news. The video maker should realize that investigating journalism is a profession: research-check, research again-check and double-check. Also, that publishing information carry an ethical responsibility: never mislead or fraud the audience.

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