What is the political program of European countries to minimize migration and to assist African countries in job development and birth control?
They bring money. It doesn’t help, but it feels good. The objectives of the European Commission’s External Investment Plan are to leverage up to €44 billion in investment by 2020 and increase external funding to €123 billion for 2021-2027. Most of the money will be spend to European advisors and companies and little will reach African nations.

These funds are introduced with beautiful phrases like:

‘Funding is needed to build long-term, sustainable, alliances with African key partners.’


‘European involvement should go beyond migration, as it is a consequence of much broader shared challenges including geopolitical instability, demographic developments and socio-economic issues.’

‘Sustainable alliances and socio-economic issues’ can be addressed by among others artisanal training as a basic foundation for job-development. This is quite a process involving community engagements, skills development and learner ships development. And to be successful we need industries. European companies need to invest in Africa, which they are reluctant to do because of the wide-spread corruption.

In addition, we can try to speed up family planning to curb Africa’s population explosion. This is, however, only achievable if the women cooperate. The women should become economic undependable from men and need to be taught that one or two children can bring as much as joy as the requested five, six or seven.

Next: We can assist in engineering, financing and rolling out critical infrastructure projects: roads, bridges, railroads, electricity generation and a distribution network. A descent infrastructure will attract investors, industries. It might help to get Africa’s motor running. But this will not lower the migration pressure on Europe in the short term. To electrify for instance Nigeria will take 15 to 20 years, at least.


This all sounds as a lost battle. The migration pressure will rise with 1.3 billion persons in the continent Africa with one-third in the Sahel. We can’t handle that, unless we pump billions of dollars of investments, into Africa through a modern Marshall Plan.
And then we face terrorism, human trafficking, child abuse, civil wars, and political instability. There are millions of refugees on the run for violence alone.
The unemployment in Africa varies from 25 to 75 or 90 percent. The newborn 1.3 billion people will have no income, no food and no future. The life expectancy might be short.

10 Poins Atction Plan

  • 1.Train young people in metalworks/machining, welding, carpentry, electricity, plumbing, construction create learnerships places and jobs.
  • 2.Make women independent and aware of family-planning.
  • 3.Develop a safe and corruption free environment.
  • 4.Develop critical infrastructure projects.
  • 5.Develop cheap thorium-based energy and avoid expensive wind turbine farms.
  • 6.Expose, sanction and stop the ongoing exploitation of Africa’s natural resources. Push for mineral beneficiation which will create jobs. This will only work if companies are ordered to do so.
  • 7.Develop labor intensive sectors such as textiles, biofuels and construction.
  • 8.Support investment in African countries, while opening European markets to African products.
  • 9.Stop the flow of weapons from European countries, how difficult this may be. The weapon industry will go underground or export through non-traceable countries as Ukraine, Argentina, Panama, Pakistan, Malaysia, to name a few.
  • 10.Stop ‘climate migrants.’ Millions of people flee for draughts and floods. Mitigate the problems on location.
The pressure to emigrate will only fade when African nations reach the level of a middle-income country, at which point they undergo a migration transition and become immigration countries themselves. This transition is still nowhere near.

How difficult it might be: We must break through the vicious circle that a solution of one problem creates a new problem, which makes it difficult solving the original problem.